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The Book

I was able to connect with three of the party involved in that experiment. What follows is a recap of what they shared. The stories may be a bit different from what you may have seen on their show, because for that they all need to collaborate or they would not share the information. I got the real skinny on what these members saw and heard - and also learned that some of the party got so scared they had to leave the project.

In the theater an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) was recorded in answer to the question, "Is someone here? Try to speak?" They caught the reply of an old man in a very deep voice: "I never did that before."

- excerpt from Chapter 10: Cook Hotel

This is the very first guide book that Spooks to Spirits has produced. It will be released in print on May 15, 2011, and contains 16 chapters of history and mystery. The digital edition will be released this summer - stay tuned for more details.

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